Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time for a Change....

These times, they are changing....

I don't know I felt like it was time for a change. For a long time I have wanted a home in SL. Not the church I put up, or to live in the sky, but a real home.

It's a strange thing to want in SL, because a lot of people think its strange. A lot of people use them for their "private" moments and a lot of people just... well... whatever.

I have had a parcel for a awhile now, and I had been homeless for about 5 months ( <3 you Sarena for taking me in!) and now I finally got a new home. It has a lot of rooms for me, which was strange because I had no idea what to do with all these rooms haha. Thank GOD I had help figuring it all out, I just need to figure out what to do with one more room.

Other then that, I finally have a place I call home..... and I love it

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I went to see my first Second Life Concert today with sissy - Ari, and it was taking place through a group called Bad Ampitude and they were playing at Paradise Square ( The concert was pretty rockin' they played all the songs you ever wanted to hear from the group as well as had a stage presence. Here are below a few of the photos.... I encourge you to go look at the calender and see when the next show is. I know Ozzy is coming on thursday :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Me and Sissy hang out and see DJ Naga

Penance (sorry SURL doesn't want to paste here) was where DJ Naga was playing so me and my sissy (Ariana) went to go dance. I had to post these pictures, this club is SO "pretty". It had a blue aura to it and is awesome to look around, the club is a big church a huge alter is where the DJ plays, and they have a HUGE dance floor, not to mention it has places to sit and hang out with your friends.

I leave you with these photos to look at and I will post the SURL up if I can get it to work. I have been very busy working on the hunts I am in :\
Karia :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeepers Creepers!

I have neglected my poor blog....

Occular Oddities (my shop located @ has taken up WAY more time then I expected. I guess that is because I opened up three shops in total (two kiosks and one main shop) and well, I'm tired.

I have decided to make the eyes a lot cheaper then expected but I think it will be a good thing in the long run.

Well I just wanted to do a quick post and hello, I am tired... but bed is far away and I have much more to do in the shop still ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Hybrid Hunt - Occular Oddities

My store is in the Hybrid Hunt which kicks off tonight at midnight!!! Go to for more information and for sneak peeks at the items!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who Needs Rules ? This is Second Life!

Over the past year I have been in Second Life I have learned a few things. Well I have learned one main thing. There are NO RULES when it comes to tradional things on Second Life.

Example? The Prime example is Second Life relationships. Married man/woman RL has SL partner of some sort or girlfriend. I recently had a friend (who is a RL friend - that got into SL because of her job) get involved with a man on Second Life, they partner, they chat on the phone, they text constantly, he has her work email, they even have the pixel sex. He is her prince charming, the one she confides in on a bad day, he comforts her, they love ...... Whats the problem you ask? Well shes been married for over 5 years. The other problem? Her husband has no idea.

Now in the real world this is quite the problem. It's that awkward conundrum. If you saw your friends husband / wife you might even say something, you might go about telling them in a round about way, or confront this person head on. Now, I try to stay out of peoples business, I try to not put my nose where it doesn't belong, but the reality is I am friends with both these people. I see what she does on SL because she doesn't hide it here in the grid. In fact, she has introduced him to me as "her naughty secret". Now the other aspect is the man that is "innocent" in this. I think he is under the assumption that my friend is in a bad marriage that maybe ending soon. Thats strange she was just talking about having children to me the other day.... I don't know what happens with my friend and her husband behind closed doors, and maybe something is wrong, maybe it is a bad marriage with a GREAT front that shows they are a happy couple, who knows.

I guess I want advice on what to do here... should I ignore it and let my friend have her fun? Should I tell my friend again how wrong this is, re-explain I don't like my posistion in this? Should I just tell the husband? Do I tell the SL guy ? Would any of them believe me? The whole thing is kind of strange and yet it's sad, I know her husband will be pissed, I know this guy she is SL involved with will be hurt. It's not going to be a good situation. It's kind of strange because I know people cheat, but is this cheating? Is this wrong? I know personally I would be upset if I found out my spouse was doing this. I don't know maybe this whole thing isn't my business. Maybe my way of blogging about it will be one of those things where one of them stumbles apon it..... time will tell I guess...



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carnivale Amusement Park - Nice Way To Kill Some Sunday Hours

Carnivale Amusement Park ( unpon arrival doesn't look like much, but somehow my friend Dregg and I spent two hours playing around here.

After spending a good amount of time in the photobooth, there was a loto of things around this place that needed to be looked at. You walk though this place, and there is consession stands, and couple pose balls (a good place for a date?), and a bunch of rides. There is about 10 rides here total, and not to mention some carnival games that do entice you. The rides here have the typical themes, the haunted house, wooden roller coaster, the storybook ride (and in this case Alice in Wonderland), the tilt-a-whirl, not to mention a graviton. All the rides are duel seater, and run with scripts and when you sit in them you are automatically put into 1st person or 3rd person depending on the ride.

The Alice in Wonderland ride is gold. The only draw back is the ride can only be activated one at a time. Our problem was we had a group of people who kept trying to activate the ride because they didn't READ the directions properly and that in turn kept restarting out ride about 5 times. Once they read the directions (not to mention a few comments from Dregg and myself) we were on our way. A lot of original textures and design went into this ride as well as sound effects. Honestly, this alone was worth the trip not to mention a great way to kill 2 minutes :)