Sunday, July 26, 2009

Carnivale Amusement Park - Nice Way To Kill Some Sunday Hours

Carnivale Amusement Park ( unpon arrival doesn't look like much, but somehow my friend Dregg and I spent two hours playing around here.

After spending a good amount of time in the photobooth, there was a loto of things around this place that needed to be looked at. You walk though this place, and there is consession stands, and couple pose balls (a good place for a date?), and a bunch of rides. There is about 10 rides here total, and not to mention some carnival games that do entice you. The rides here have the typical themes, the haunted house, wooden roller coaster, the storybook ride (and in this case Alice in Wonderland), the tilt-a-whirl, not to mention a graviton. All the rides are duel seater, and run with scripts and when you sit in them you are automatically put into 1st person or 3rd person depending on the ride.

The Alice in Wonderland ride is gold. The only draw back is the ride can only be activated one at a time. Our problem was we had a group of people who kept trying to activate the ride because they didn't READ the directions properly and that in turn kept restarting out ride about 5 times. Once they read the directions (not to mention a few comments from Dregg and myself) we were on our way. A lot of original textures and design went into this ride as well as sound effects. Honestly, this alone was worth the trip not to mention a great way to kill 2 minutes :)


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