Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Look, New Blog

Well, I ditched the blog the first go, I realized that I didn't have many followers. The one follower I DID have that read my travels, blames me for "getting him into trouble". However, it was all in good fun, and actually we are quite good friends now.

The thing is, I didn't know what to do with a blog. Must like RL I don't blog, hell I don't consider myself much of a writer. But the truth is, when it comes down to Second Life, this whole world is a huge social experiment. I started Second Life on 5/2/2008, not as Karia, but as a different avie. It was strange because I wanted her to be everything I wasn't RL. She would be this nice cookie cutter of a avie, who wore the normal clothes and did the normal things, had the normal everyday to day friend and "boyfriend", the truth was even though she could be everything I ever wanted, she wasn't what I wanted. So I left her, and on 7/16/2008 Karia was born.

Karia is who I am, the out of the box, not afraid to wear things, not afraid to speak her mind, not afraid to be herself. I let a lot of my personal life out in her. I am not afraid to hide. I let people know about my artistic side and actaully it helped me accept my flaws and learn to work with them instead of against me. I actually didn't play Karia much, I was on her occasionally when I needed to be away from the other avie. Finally, I left my old avie, I deleted the account and never looked back. There is maybe two people on my friends list that know the old avie and who have been nothing but amazing SL (and now RL) friends to me.

The point is, its amazing the people you find on Second Life. Yes, some are here to fill the voids they have in their RL and some are here to be themselves in a different medium. The truth is, we all have lessons to learn from each other. I have learned something from everyone I have met, and overall have had a "decent" SL experience.

So, now I am going to change a few things around, make sure to get off my parcel once and awhile and not just work and DJ. Going to explore what vast things this Grid has to offer and soak in what other artists are working on and see what is to behold.

Now, I have emersed myself in my shop - Occular Oddities ( and are particiapating in 4 different SL hunts !


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