Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drowsy - A Horror Festival

Drowsy ( is having its horror festival (I saw this link for the sim thanks to for the summer. I was surpised when I entered the sim because you actually arrive at a little store, and then are enticed to head 2-3 different directions. This sim has SO much to look at. I had to explore it, not only because the idea that it was having a "horror" festival, but because someone also put a lot of idea and thought into this sims actual design, down to the very little detail and as simple as it is, it was implimented nicely.
The festival is really a small area of the sim. Its maybe a good 1/8, however, the theme is more like a haunted carnival that has very few things to buy, but you are able to just take pleasure in the oddities that are there. It was one of those experiences that unless you looked, you are going to miss it. They have these little carts that have almost little scenes in them, and they seem to have a lot of detailed plants and other items on the cart. The above image is actually a cart where you can buy the skirts the "worked to the bone" ladies model. I did have my share of fun at the broke down playground for a bit, but I had no one to push me on the swing, and then I got surrounded by dogs. They are running their summer horror festival until the end of august I believe, and then there are rumors they are turning that area into something else for halloween.


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