Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who Needs Rules ? This is Second Life!

Over the past year I have been in Second Life I have learned a few things. Well I have learned one main thing. There are NO RULES when it comes to tradional things on Second Life.

Example? The Prime example is Second Life relationships. Married man/woman RL has SL partner of some sort or girlfriend. I recently had a friend (who is a RL friend - that got into SL because of her job) get involved with a man on Second Life, they partner, they chat on the phone, they text constantly, he has her work email, they even have the pixel sex. He is her prince charming, the one she confides in on a bad day, he comforts her, they love ...... Whats the problem you ask? Well shes been married for over 5 years. The other problem? Her husband has no idea.

Now in the real world this is quite the problem. It's that awkward conundrum. If you saw your friends husband / wife you might even say something, you might go about telling them in a round about way, or confront this person head on. Now, I try to stay out of peoples business, I try to not put my nose where it doesn't belong, but the reality is I am friends with both these people. I see what she does on SL because she doesn't hide it here in the grid. In fact, she has introduced him to me as "her naughty secret". Now the other aspect is the man that is "innocent" in this. I think he is under the assumption that my friend is in a bad marriage that maybe ending soon. Thats strange she was just talking about having children to me the other day.... I don't know what happens with my friend and her husband behind closed doors, and maybe something is wrong, maybe it is a bad marriage with a GREAT front that shows they are a happy couple, who knows.

I guess I want advice on what to do here... should I ignore it and let my friend have her fun? Should I tell my friend again how wrong this is, re-explain I don't like my posistion in this? Should I just tell the husband? Do I tell the SL guy ? Would any of them believe me? The whole thing is kind of strange and yet it's sad, I know her husband will be pissed, I know this guy she is SL involved with will be hurt. It's not going to be a good situation. It's kind of strange because I know people cheat, but is this cheating? Is this wrong? I know personally I would be upset if I found out my spouse was doing this. I don't know maybe this whole thing isn't my business. Maybe my way of blogging about it will be one of those things where one of them stumbles apon it..... time will tell I guess...



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